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We help strengthen your empire, you leave your legacy.


Empire Construction & Restoration has earned a reputation in the New Orleans area for building and remodeling beautiful homes. We are an innovative residential construction company, and we stay up to date with our ever-evolving industry. Despite the changes a successful construction company must make to stay competitive, there is one thing that has never changed: Our integrity and desire to make beautiful homes. ​


Our people are honest and reliable. They are hardworking and passionate and it shows in their work. This dedication and unwavering integrity enables clients to confidently make Empire Construction & Restoration their construction company of choice time and again.


We believe that when a client gives us their vote of confidence, we must exceed their expectations. Beyond good business practice, it is simply the right thing to do.


We are dedicated to bringing value to our clients and their projects every day. Our experience over the last 25 years proves invaluable to clients on every project.


You owe it to yourself to choose a construction company that proves its merit by the work it performs. This is why you owe it to yourself to go with the most trusted construction company in New Orleans, Empire Construction & Restoration.

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